Teaching Philosophy

Have you ever been told you can’t sing, shouldn’t sing, or even judged your own self in this way? Does singing feel vulnerable, scary, and it feels like something is holding you back? The voice is a uniquely personal instrument, as it is the only instrument that is part of your physical body, and the criticism associated with it can feel deeply hurtful, stifling any desire to share your voice with the world. For untrained singers, so often can one’s true voice be hidden behind trying to mimic other popular singers. I am here to let the world know — everyone can sing. If you have vocal chords in your throat, they can be trained to make beautiful sounds. Your voice is uniquely your own, and there is no one on earth that sounds exactly like you. I am here to help each individual find their true voice and unleash it on the world. 

My ultimate goal as your voice teacher is to render myself useless. The voice is just like any other instrument — a mechanism that can be learned and trained. We will explore different tools to help your voice grow, and you learn how to use these tools for yourself, becoming a self-sufficient singer. We will create your own vocal “toolbox”, where you understand how each of the tools I give you can be used for yourself. Once you understand your personally unique vocal mechanism and how each tool works, you have become the teacher, essentially rendering me useless. 

While I sing a large variety of music and genres (classical, musical theatre, jazz, and pop), I have been trained with a classical technique that allows me to perform a wide variety of genres in a healthy way. This classical “bel canto” technique is how singers can learn to produce the biggest, most powerful sound with the most precise control, all while doing no harm to the vocal chords. We will learn to apply this healthy technique to any genre of music you choose to sing. I also focus on the importance of connecting with our bodies and how the singing voice “feels”, as opposed to just listening with our ears. I am experienced with Alexandra Technique and a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, and incorporate both in my teaching to unearth your true potential.

The format of our lessons will be as follows —

The first half of our lesson time will be dedicated to vocal warm ups, scales, and exercises. These exercises are the fastest way to gain the most vocal improvement over a short period of time. The second half of the lesson will be for singing repertoire. We will apply the techniques we learned in the vocal warm ups to the songs you’re singing. We’ll spend time finding music you really enjoy and connect with emotionally. It’s very important that you love what you’re working on – it increases the time you practice because you actually enjoy the music, speeding up improvements. It also makes the vocal work you do that much more rewarding because you’re emotionally connected to the music and the outcome. 

Specialties include —

  • Classical, musical theatre, jazz, and pop music styles 
  • Breathing techniques
  • Traversing the passaggio, finding the “mixed” voice
  • Increasing vocal range and stability
  • Ear training and sight reading
  • Audition prep
  • Diction coaching (English, Latin, Italian, French, German, & Spanish)
  • Yoga techniques to improve breath and support
  • Personalized repertoire (choosing songs best suited for you)
  • Performance anxiety support and training
  • Music theory and piano skills
  • Songwriting
  • Alexandra Technique
  • Gender-affirming speech and voice therapy for trans and non-binary individuals
  • Finding YOUR true voice!